Banking & Finance Laws

We provide legal services touching various aspects of Banking, Financial and Debt Laws to our clients, which are detailed as under:-

  • Drafting and vetting of relevant documents viz. Loan Agreements, Consortium Loan Agreements, Letter of Credits, Bank Guarantees amongst others.
  • Setting up of all kinds of funding operations (syndicated loans, leasing, restructuring of debts, etc.
  • Legal Disputes governing Agent & Principal Relationship qua Bank or Customer.
  • Legal Disputes governing Debtor & Creditor Relationship qua Bank or Customer.
  • Legal Disputes governing Bailee & Pawnee Relationship qua Bank or Customer.
  • Legal issues governing obligation of Banks to maintain records and ensure secrecy of confidential information of the customer.
  • Legal Disputes governing Negotiable Instruments, Dishonour of Cheques, recovery of dishonoured amount in Civil & Criminal.
  • Laws governing Bank Guarantees, Demand Drafts, Promissory Note, Bill of Exchange, Bankers Draft, Travellers cheque, Dividend warrant and other Negotiable Instruments.
  • Legal Disputes governing Forgery of Negotiable Instruments.
  • Laws governing Bank’s right over securities for advances.
  • Laws governing Banker's Lien, Pledge, Guarantees, title of goods documents, Bill of lading and letters of credits.
  • Legal Disputes qua secured and unsecured Loans between Banks and customers.
  • Legal Disputes qua Continuing Guarantee, Surety, Principal Debtor and Creditor.
  • Banking litigation before Banking Ombudsman, Civil Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals, Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunals.
  • Banking litigation under Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act 2002 and
  • Litigation before Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) and Appellate Authority for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (India) (AAIFR).
  • Banking litigation before Civil Courts, Arbitrators, High Courts and Supreme Courts of India.
  • Litigation under Foreign Exchange Management Act.