Industrial and Labour

Assistance in the Area of Industrial and Labour Law

We provide services to both Public Sector and Private Sector corporates in all areas of labour and employment law. Our members specialize in providing competent and comprehensive advisory services on all legal and practical issues arising out of the employment or engagement of employees, directors and independent contractors. We advise in the prevention of potential litigation through, for example, review and preparation of employee handbooks and review and drafting of employment contracts, Trade Union Agreement, Tripartite Agreement and other Agreements. We advise on a broad range of issues under Industrial Law, Workmen Compensation Act, Trade Union Agreement and other Industrial and other Labour Laws. Members represent employers in proceedings before labour tribunals as well as before Courts in defence of all types of employment litigation, including wrongful termination and discrimination claims.

We provide practical solutions and resolve issues relating to employer-employee disputes. With extensive experience in representing employers and senior executives across a range of industry sectors, we provide a highly individual service to suit the requirements of each client.

Our employment & labour law practice includes:

  • Legal Advisory on Labour Law issues
  • Labour Laws Due Diligence for companies, Industries and factories.
  • Litigation qua Labour & Industrial Disputes in Courts, Tribunals and Labour Officer and Labour Commissioner.
  • Drafting of, amongst others:-
  • Employment contracts & service contracts
  • Pleadings & other documents
  • Contracts for Managing Directors
  • Rules & Regulations for Organisation
  • Standing Orders
  • Trade Union Contracts
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Non compete agreement
  • Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs)
  • Regulatory clearances.