Corporate & Commercial

Assistance in the Area of Corporate Laws

Our Members and Associates have substantial experience in below mentioned areas of corporate practice and have handled some very high profile matters of large Indian Corporates and have also represented, dealt with and concluded several successful business operations on behalf of entrepreneurs in India.

Corporate Advisory

We provide legal advisory on all issues from concept to commencement of a business, including Industrial Laws, Commercial Laws, Corporate Laws, Intellectual Property Law or otherwise.

We provide complex legal counselling in the area of law of obligations, contracts, commercial litigation, including representation in insolvency proceedings, debt administration and other legal opinions and analyses of a structure or otherwise.

We provide advisory and give opinion on various aspects of the Companies Act, 1956 which includes inter alia the composition of Board of Directors and Control of the Company, issues relating to Share Capital, Mortgage and Hypothecation, Voluntary Winding Up of Companies and Mergers and Acquisitions

Our members are well equipped to advise on a wide spectrum of corporate issues ranging from regulatory matters to regular and ongoing compliances and reporting to Registrar of Companies ("ROC"). Members also advise Listed Companies in complying with several corporate governance and reporting requirements with Stock Exchanges, Securities and Exchange Board of India ("SEBI").

We also provide advice and assistance to companies for their managements viz. breach of company and labour laws, economic, industrial and financial regulations, criminal responsibility of corporate bodies and manager etc.

Commercial Agreements

Our members have extensive experience and specialized skills and niche in negotiating, vetting and drafting various International and National transactional and commercial contracts. We undertake drafting of various Contracts like Share Purchase Agreements, Business Purchase Agreement, Share Holders Agreements, Business Combination Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements, Business Conducting Agreements, Management Consultancy Agreements, Service Agreements, Sale and Purchase Agreements, Non-Competition Agreements, Various Works contracts, Supply and Distribution Agreement, Commercial sale, commercial security, transport contract, commercial agency contract, sale commission contract, concession contract, franchise contract, commercial cooperation, Agency Agreements, Escrow Agreement for pledging of shares, Development Agreement, Project Agreements, Deed of Sale / Conveyance Deed, Power of Attorneys and Joint Venture Agreements and son on.

Commercial leases:

The expertise of the firm in commercial leases covers mainly the following areas:

• Negotiation and drafting of contracts,
• Litigation on execution and termination of leases

Company Formations

We advise and guides with company incorporation formalities and procedures in India. The Firm assists its clients in setting up Branch Offices, Liaison Offices, Project Offices, Joint Venture Companies and wholly owned subsidiaries in keeping with the Foreign Exchange Regulations. The Firm also assists several Indian Clients in setting up Offices abroad.

Competition law

We provide assistance on preventive audit and advice in anti competitive practices (arrangements, abuse of dominant position, deregulated sectors), concentrations control and assistance and representation during investigations by authorities in charge of regulating competition under the Competition Commission Act, 2002 and other relevant legislations.

Securities and Merchant Banking Issues

We provide advisory on the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992 and Regulation relating to Securities Market. Advice is also given on the Take over Code, IPO, Rights Issues, Open offer, Venture Capital and Insider Trading.

We also structure deals /transactions as per the regulations/rules/restrictions of SEBI.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide advisory and opinions, drafting and representation in matters related to Mergers & Acquisitions including preparation of Scheme of Amalgamation for the ratio of Shares to be exchanged and preparation of the proceedings thereof which include matters related to takeovers, de-mergers, share-swaps, stock option schemes, stocks and assets etc. in relation to mergers and acquisitions’ deals.

Our members are well equipped for all stages of a transaction viz. strategy, structuring, due diligence, drafting and negotiations and obtaining regulatory clearances as required thus providing commercially viable solutions to its clients.

Our M&A experience includes

• legal advisory pertaining to all types of transformations of business companies including transformations with an transfrontier element (consolidation, merger, transfer of assets to a stakeholder, division, changes of the legal form)
• Assisting in conceptualization and structuring of the transaction
• Negotiating agreements
• Legal due-diligence reviews
• Assisting in obtaining regulatory approvals
• Structuring alternatives such as joint ventures and strategic alliances
• Negotiating and documenting various forms of transactions
• Taxation
• Audits of consulting firms, preparation of various contracts, search for tax optimisation of the transaction or settlement of disputes that may occur

SEBI Compliance

We assist in Procedural Compliance relating to Securities laws i.e. Stock Exchange / SEBI requirements and Liaison and co-ordinate with the Registrar and Share Transfer Agents, stock exchange, Depositories and the Securities and Exchange Board of India including the following: Services for specific assignments like obtaining Central Government Approval, SEBI Approval, ROC Approval, Written opinion, Certification etc

Asset Purchase

The Firm advises its clients in Asset Purchase, Auction Sale through High Courts, Acquisition of Assets / Companies through BIFR, AAIFR, ARCIC, DRT etc.

Government Approval & Project Liasoning Services

We also provide Assistance and Advisory for obtaining government approvals for inbound investments, foreign investments and technical collaboration and setting up operations at all levels in India which include assistance in obtaining approval of Reserve Bank of India & Foreign Investment Promotion Board for foreign investment in India. We also provide legal assistance in negotiations between the Government and Private Bodies.

We also legally assist in Project Liasoning services with various government offices and departments for getting various approvals, no objection certificates, licenses, recommendations and permission

Competition law, unfair competition, law of public contracts

We provide services in

• legal counselling in the area of economic competition (concentration of competitors, agreements disrupting competition and exploitation of a dominant position)
• representation of the clients in proceedings in front of the Office for the protection of competition and the European Commission
• examination of the conformity of the proposed documents and business strategies with the regulations governing economic competition
• legal counselling in the area of unfair competition, representation of clients in the litigation in the area of unfair competition
• legal counselling in the area of public tenders (contracting authority – complex legal assistance in the course of the tender, tenderer – assistance in the course of preparation of offers, representation in the objection proceedings in front of the Office for the Protection of Competition

Due Diligences

Our members have carried out legal due diligence for well known Business Houses for company acquisition/ take over/ amalgamation/ demergers and/or investment. We have also assisted the Company in conducting legal due diligence for equity participation.

We provide Legal as well as financial due diligence with the help of best financial analyst in our team.


We also provide advisory and assistance if a corporate body decides to disinvest, or participate in the disinvestment process of other Companies for acquisition. We assist them to the procedure of going about it and renders services in disinvestment on Turnkey Basis.

Corporate Governance

The Firm counsels and directs its clients regarding the framing of Rules and Regulations of their respective companies in accordance with the provisions of various statutes.

Trusts, Societies & Charitable Companies

We assist and advise its in the process of formation, registration and governance of Trusts, Societies and Charitable Companies. We further assist by providing them with reports prepared by the Firm in relation to the various legislations and legal provisions to be complied with, planning of tax structures etc.

Regulatory Compliance Services

Governmental agencies, financial institutions and the general public are increasingly concerned with the industry's ability to demonstrate transparent and effective corporate governance practices. It is now virtually mandatory for companies to develop and implement demonstrable compliance management systems.

We help you to manage your legal compliance and associated financial risks by providing full assessment, interpretation and analysis of all laws and regulations and ensuring all regulatory compliance. Identifying all applicable laws, rules and regulations and securing their compliance, obtaining governmental approval and permission for setting up operations at all levels in India